In addition to supporting Profiles Environmental Management System, and complying with Profiles broader Environmental Policy, we will embrace our organisation commitment framework.

Our organisational commitment is to ensure we make more sustainable choices when applying our services through procurement. This means identifying more sustainable ways of meeting requirements and designing sustainable procurement specifications accordingly. The approach will address the social, economic and environmental implications of our product and service choices.

When relevant it will embrace whole- life costing and address how aspects such as design, manufacturing materials, operating costs, energy consumption, waste and recycling options support a more sustainable approach; and working in partnership with our suppliers and contractors to minimise the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain.

Know your impact!

Profile accepts its responsibility through its business practices and policies to enhance and be accountable for the social, economic and environmental aspects of its local community and the communities that it operates within.

Profile are conscious that our activities affect the environment in which we exist and we are acting to minimise negative environmental and social impacts associated with the products and services we supply and purchase. Profile acknowledges our responsibilities in delivering this policy and recognise the importance of engaging our suppliers and (internal) customers in its implementation.